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Dear Friends,

German Grill is currently out of production. We sold everything we built, and could have sold a lot more. In the last four years we have had zero customer complaints on our grills, and still receive emails from folks who rave about their grills. (It's also noteworthy that we have a list of over 500 people who have requested product infomation since we shut the doors. Sigh...)

We will not quit. We have our new designs complete - we think the new innovations are totally awesome - we have prototyped most of the features of the new grill, and are eager to get back into production. This will be the best charcoal grill ever. We simply did not have enough money to release the new product. We are seeking investors to re-launch the company and get back to doing what we truly love.

If you would like to be updated on our progress, I'd be glad to add you to our email list. Click here to be added to a notification list.

All the best,


The best grill we can possibly offer. Awesome.   


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