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A quick overview of the B1 Backyard Grill

With this design we raise the common backyard charcoal grill to the level of quality and function found in professional cooking equipment. It's designed to do anything from quick hot sear of steaks, veggies or burgers up to a long slow southern-style smokey barbecue. 

  • You light the charcoal inside the grill without starter fluid or chimneys. It lights fast and you can be ready to grill in the time it takes you to prep the food.

  • You control the heat with a smooth simple lever on the side from 1" below the grate to 9" below. The lever is not notched, it simply stays wherever you let go of it. 

  • You can easily keep the grill clean because it has several features to make cleanup easier.

  • The grill has some unique features that allow you to customize it.


  • You can add a rotisserie and internal shish kabob rack. Each accessory works perfectly with this grill.
  • You can mount it on a cart, a cabinet or build it into an island or backyard kitchen. 











































Click here to see the complete features and specifications of the B1 backyard charcoal grill