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Grilled Pizza

Grilled pizza is an advanced technique, but worth the trouble. This recipe is "the whole nine yards" in that we advocate a genuine Italian crust that takes overnight, fresh ingredients, and a very hot fire.

Once you master the basics of the crust and the grilling technique, a whole world of deliciousness opens up. Try white sauces with vegetables and herbs. Red sauces with tomatoes charred on the grill. One of my favorites is a pizza made with the world's best crust (explained in the recipe), good olive oil, salt and pepper and and an egg broken in the middle right at the end of the process. The egg yolk runs across this chewy, crunchy crust as you eat it.

Pizza is absolutely taken to another realm when done on a grill.



 Meatloaf on the grill

An unusual version of meatloaf done over coals. The seasonings are bold and strong so that this one will stand up to the flavors from the fire and smoke.

The basic recipe is easy to make and easy to grill. It also provides a few days' worth of excellent sandwiches and leftovers.







Pork Shoulder Roast

The basic roasting technique for roast pork shoulder. This is one of "the sacred four" that are prepared on the competition barbecue circuit. (The other three are: ribs, brisket, and chicken.) Allow some time for this. It takes a lot of low heat and a lot of smoke to get the authentic flavor.

Some people have been working on this recipe their entire lives. It's a classic version of one of the staples of the great American art of barbecue.








Grilled Shrimp Pad Thai
Once you get the shrimp perfectly grilled, you can use them in a variety of dishes. Here is one of our favorites. This Pad Thai is much better than you get at even a good Thai restaurant becuase it is super fresh. The smoky taste of the shrimp goes perfectly with the tart flavors of the sauces.